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Welcome to our blog. This is a journal where we share our work, we're so grateful for each of our couples. Stay a while and enjoy!

Hello darlings

Jaime of Dear Lovers Films – Why I make wedding day stories

Feb 14, 2019

We are so happy to have finally found a filmmaker that is able to match the aesthetic and timeless nature of the rest of our work. Jaime of Dear Lovers Films is just that. The opportunity to truly collaborate with a consistent team and create a seamless finished product is priceless.

– Andrew & Anna

Jaime Sumulong

Meet Dear Lovers Films

Hello everyone! My name is Jaime, I’m a San Diego native that grew up near the beach and spent countless hours daydreaming of sailing away or surfing until sunset. I find love in the simplicities of life, tea on the balcony, silent sunsets, disappearing footprints on the beach, and 2-foot summer waves. San Diego will be my forever home and I am always so grateful for all the inspiration it continues to offer.

At heart, I have always been drawn to stories driven by the purest energy, love. I am fascinated by the beautiful storytelling from filmmakers and their way of evoking emotions out of visuals. This fixation for storytelling is the root of all my art and continually drives me to bring couples films that illustrate their love story.

Why Love Stories

I am extremely passionate about capturing my couples’ love and taking in every detail of their day. I make films so that they can relive their moments forever and share those moments with their close friends and family.

The most wonderful part of filming a wedding is the uniqueness of each couple’s love for one another, details, and traditions. One of my favorite and most anticipated moments for each wedding is the first look — once our couples’ eyes lock, all the anticipation and nervous energy fades away.

One of my favorite first look scenes I’ve captured is from Jacklyn and Blake’s Lake Como, Italy wedding. Their love is so pure and the backdrop they chose for their celebration is simply gorgeous. In the background, the Villa D’este, a beautiful and elegant hotel, runs along the banks of Lake Como. One day here will leave you absolutely speechless.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” ~ When Harry Met Sally

Golden hour portraits create some of the most stunning imagery and scenes from the day. It is a wonderful way to enjoy your moments, embrace each other, reflect on the past, and look forward to all the memories you will make together, all while enjoying warm sunshine.

One of my favorite golden hour scenes was from Grace and Christopher’s wedding at The Martin Johnson House in La Jolla. During their cocktail hour, we managed to pull them away for an intimate golden hour session. We took them to a row of lavender fields on the cliffs, featuring the stunning La Jolla Shores in the background.

Collaboration with Dear Lovers Photographers

Capturing a wedding with our two teams, Andrew & Anna and Dani & James, is always so rewarding. We constantly collaborate and strive for new ways to illustrate and capture our couples. Filming love with the Dear Lovers photography teams allows us to collaborate during the wedding day and beyond. During our couples’ days, we collaborate on locations, poses, and ways to bring beautiful and timeless galleries. After the wedding, I work closely with our photography teams to truly match the tones and colors from the films scans and create one seamless product. 

Dear Lovers Films, Dear Lovers Photography

What it’s like to work with me

I work hard to bring my couples unique films and capture the love they share not only with each other, but also with their friends and family. I work closely with all of my couples before and during the wedding to make sure that the heart of their film is their love story. Throughout the wedding day, I capture the natural beauty of every moment and allow your love to speak for itself in the most organic and romantic fashion. If you are interested in chatting, I would absolutely love to grab coffee and bring your story to life.

Interested in working with Dear Lovers Films? Contact us here!


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