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Welcome to our blog. This is a journal where we share our work, we're so grateful for each of our couples. Stay a while and enjoy!

Hello darlings

Engagement Photography Tips

Feb 4, 2019

We love engagement sessions, and you should too! If you’re still on the fence about getting one read this blog post from last year! But let’s assume for a minute that you have already booked a session and now you are wanting to know what’s next.
Here are the items we focus on to ensure that every engagement photo we take turns out beautifully. Whether you’re a photographer or engaged couple follow these simple tips to better engagement photos!


1. Choose the right outfits!

I know this sounds like a “duh” item but it’s actually not. Before every engagement session we always send our couples a mood board. This board shows examples of what looks good together. Some things to avoid are bright colors or patterns. For instance as much as that vibrant maroon dress might be your favorite, it might not work the best! Now many factors can play into this, the location you choose is a big one. If the location has very neutral tones you might be able to incorporate some deep tones. But many times we encourage couples to play it safe and choose softer tones. The main reason behind this is to make sure the focus of each image remains on you two and not an item of clothing!


2. Choose the right location at the right time of day.

Now this is always one of the first questions we get from a couple who books a session with us. How do we choose a location? Often times we ask if they have a preference for type of location: Beach, Architectural, or Woodsy. From there we can recommend a number of locations that fit those vibes. The other thing we always ask is if there is anywhere that is sentimental to them. This is important because that location can make the photos all the more special. Once you have a location picked out make sure to pick the right time of day. We usually start our sessions around 1 1/2 hours before sunset. That way the light is super soft towards the end of the session. This number will also change depending on if the location is in a valley where the sun will set earlier. Or if it is a beach session we will start an hour before sunset.

3. Hire someone who can direct you on posing while keeping the shoot fun and easy!

This is specifically for couples. The number one stressor of couples before the session is the fear of looking awkward. Our number one recommendation for this is to hire a photographer you fully trust! That photographer will help you be relaxed in front of the camera and teach you to focus on each other! For us, we are very hands on during our sessions, while also keeping the mood light and fun. This helps couples relax knowing that every detail is being cared for while not having to worry.


4. Modeling tips!

1. Try not to break focus & pose. Whenever you find that perfect pose try to stay in it until your photographer tells you to do the next pose. This is crucial! This allows your photographer to capture different details of that moment.
2. Use soft hands. When embracing each other always keep your hands super soft and loose. This keeps your embraces romantic and elegant!
3. Shift your weight around. A curved back ads movement and beauty to you ladies! And leaning on one leg or the other makes you fellows look more relaxed and comfortable in front of the lens.

San Diego Engagement Session

5. Have a bit of fun!

Remember why you are there taking photos, you’re with the one you love and you’re getting married! So smile, hug, run, dance, just be alive together and forget the camera!


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