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Hello darlings

Happy Birthday Love!

Aug 29, 2013

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In all truthfulness, this post should really be named ‘a series of unfortunate events’.

It was Andrew’s birthday on Sunday, and i’d planned this surprise camping trip for the last few months. Andrew has this hunger for adventure and camping. So of course i wanted to be the awesome wife that takes him to an exotic island paradise for his birthday. I mean, who doesn’t want that? So when i found out about this cool Island not too far from home i was like YESSSSS.

Don’t get me wrong. We had a B L A S T. But there were certainly a few happenings that resulted in a lessened affection for this ‘paradise’. Just a bit. 

1. Joint bank accounts are not so awesome after all when you find out husband has known about trip all along. Dang itttt. But he was sweet enough to play along.

2. The Island is off the coast of California. You know those questions people ask like ‘if you were stranded on a desert Island what would you take?’ Well. Turns out Catalina is basically a desert Island. Its hot. Its dry. And its not quite the tropical paradise the pictures said it was..

3. We didn’t have time to make breakfast before our 7:30am boat left for the Island, so we lined up to board thinking we could eat on the boat out there. Wrong. We were told to stow all our gear down below, and totally forgot to get out any food or anything to do. It was a very long hour and a half of our lives.

4. Andrew managed to lose a shoe on the trip out. Which meant hopping around on one foot for the rest of the weekend. Good thing the beach was rocky.. The nursery rhyme ‘one shoe on and one shoe off’ suddenly became all to real.

5. We woke up the next morning to find all of our butter and all of the eggs except one were missing. There was no mess, no sign of life; just food missing from where we so carefully hid it the night before. Some clever wild animal on this island had a fettish for dairy products. Thieving little boogers. Which meant no breakfast, which for those of you that know Andrew well, meant it could be a rough morning.

6. I’ll stop here.

So yeah. There were definitely some not-so-awesome moments, but overall we had ourselves a jolly time. On the plus side, Andrew kept beating me at cards for the first time. I don’t think i’ve ever seen him so excited. We had our own little cove on the beach where we camped out and we had to kayak to our campsite = awesome points. Plus there were wild seals that jumped around our kayak. The water was so clear and so blue; and we saw  t h e  m o s t  golden sunset imaginable.

And Andrew, HE WAS A STAR. I’ve never seen anyone smile or laugh so much in the face of tragedy. He had such a positive attitude about everything and on the way home he even told me he had an awesome weekend. Oh my heart. What a keeper. 


Happy Birthday my love. You are my champion.  


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