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Welcome to our blog. This is a journal where we share our work, we're so grateful for each of our couples. Stay a while and enjoy!

Hello darlings

Chelsea + Anthony : Married

Jun 27, 2014

San Diego Wedding Photography

Chelsea and Anthony’s wedding was a day to remember!

They had a beautiful intimate ceremony in her father’s backyard with just their closest family and friends. ¬†There was such a sweetness about it all. A simple and understated elegance, with all the perfect details! From the peach hued roses nestled on the cake to the colorful streamers that draped as a backdrop to their ceremony, we couldn’t get enough! We have so loved getting to know these two – to see them come together and love each other the way that they do. It’s a beautiful thing. They adore each other. And we have so much affection in our hearts for you guys. Thank you for letting us hang with you on your rad day! We love you two.

Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_2_ Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_3 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_9Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_4 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_5 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_6_ San Diego Wedding Photography Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_10 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_11 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_12 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_13 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_14 San Diego Wedding Photography Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_16 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_17 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_18 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_20Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_19 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_21 San Diego Wedding Photography Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_23 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_24 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_25 San Diego Wedding Photography Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_27 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_28 San Diego Wedding PhotographyChelsea+Anthony_Wedding_29 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_31 San Diego Wedding Photography Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_33 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_34 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_35 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_37Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_36 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_38 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_39 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_40 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_41 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_42 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_45Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_44Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_43 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_46 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_47 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_48 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_49 San Diego Wedding Photography Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_51 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_52 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_53 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_54 San Diego Wedding Photography Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_56 Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_59San Diego Wedding PhotographySan Diego Wedding PhotographyChelsea+Anthony_Wedding_58Chelsea+Anthony_Wedding_57


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