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How to find the Perfect Wedding Venue!

Aug 16, 2017

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You got engaged! Now it’s time to plan your perfect wedding day. And everyone knows step one is to pick a date and find a wedding venue to host this memorable event. Of course step two is to find a talented photographer, which is why we can’t wait for you to get to that stage!
But many times we are fortunate enough to meet couples even before they have found a venue. And so we would LOVE to help you find an amazing venue. To do so we have put together a venue guide, this isn’t every venue out there but a list to get you started! Fill out the form below and we will send you a link to download our Venue Collection PDF! 
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In the meantime here are some things we would encourage you to think about as you are picking your venue. We aren’t going to mention the obvious ones such as price, or availability. These are the little details you don’t want to miss.

8 Details to consider when choosing a wedding venue!

1. Style – First step in picking a venue is determining what type of wedding you want? What is your style? Is it a dreamy historic mansion, boutique Italian winery, or an elegant garden lawn wedding? Starting with a good foundation will help make the rest of your details stand out.
2. Location – Having as much of your wedding at one location can simplify logistics. But if you are splitting your ceremony and reception consider travel times. Also if you have a lot of family from out of town you might be looking for a wedding venue close to an airport or accommodation.
3. Size – This one can help you narrow down your list, whether you are having 50 or 250 guests. Put together a rough guest list before you start shopping around.
4. Season – If you chose a date in the winter are there going to be grapes on the vines at your dream winery? Be sure to ask what the surroundings look like at your time of year.
5. Lighting – We love natural light, which is why we always encourage people to host as much of their wedding outside. But if pursing an indoor wedding venue such as an industrial modern style make sure to try to add natural light. And at night we always love fairy lights and candles.
6. Catering – Some venues require you to use them for catering. This can be a good thing because it bundles everything together. As long as you are ok with not having access to outside catering vendors. Be sure to also ask about their alcohol policy. Some venues require a bottling fee if you opt to bring your own alcoholic beverages.
7. Noise – If you are big into dancing you want to find a venue that allows you to keep the party going past 10pm.
8. Getting Ready – It can simplify a lot of things if you are able to do your final getting ready at the venue!
But most of all we want to encourage you to choose whatever YOU love! Make sure your venue helps you tell your story. It is going to be forever the place you got married and started your lives together.
In the end of the day your friends and family are going to be there because they love YOU and support YOU. They will love whatever you choose, and we will too!
We hope this helps if even just a bit! Feel free to email us with any questions along the way at And we do hope we get to chat with you once you get to step two!
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