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Christine & Josiah : Idyllwild

Idyllwild Engagement Shoot

When Christine emailed us asking if we would be willing to roadtrip to the mountains for an Idyllwild Engagement Shoot, we couldn’t have been more excited. Idyllwild has always had such a sweet place in my heart, as my family used to go there when I was a kid. I have so many fond memories of A-frame cottages, snowy mornings, hot chocolate and watching fiddler on the roof.

We got up the mountain to find the clouds had blown over and threatened to spill over with rain, but instead of letting the weather ruin their shoot, Christine and Joe embraced it, running through the woods in the rain. There was so much laughter and warm spirits, we had such a fun time! The result was some of the most cosy and magical photos we’ve ever captured. These two are such a sweet and down to earth pair, and we were honored to capture their love on a rainy California afternoon.

Idyllwild Engagement Shoot Christine&Josiah_Engaged-8 Christine&JosiahChristine&Josiah_Engaged-32Christine&Josiah3Idyllwild Engagement Shoot Idyllwild Engagement ShootChristine&Josiah_Engaged-48Idyllwild Engagement ShootChristine&Josiah_Engaged-47Christine&Josiah_Engaged-40Christine&Josiah4Idyllwild Engagement ShootIdyllwild Engagement ShootChristine&Josiah6Idyllwild Engagement ShootChristine&Josiah_Engaged-51Christine&Josiah_Engaged-50Christine&Josiah5Idyllwild Engagement ShootChristine&Josiah_Engaged-65Idyllwild Engagement ShootChristine&Josiah_Engaged-37Idyllwild Engagement Shoot Idyllwild Engagement Shoot Christine&Josiah7 Christine&Josiah_Engaged-83 Christine&Josiah_Engaged-85 Christine&Josiah_Engaged-88Christine&Josiah_Engaged-99Christine&Josiah_Engaged-100Christine&Josiah_Engaged-91Christine&Josiah_Engaged-97Christine&Josiah8 Christine&Josiah_Engaged-101 Idyllwild Engagement Shoot Idyllwild Engagement Shoot Christine&Josiah9Christine&Josiah_Engaged-116Christine&Josiah_Engaged-114 Christine&Josiah_Engaged-123 Christine&Josiah_Engaged-125

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