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Welcome to our blog. This is a journal where we share our work, we're so grateful for each of our couples. Stay a while and enjoy!

Hello darlings

Jackie & Dave : Joshua Tree

Jul 15, 2016


We had such a rad time road-tripping out for Jackie and Dave’s Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot.

Jackie is an incredibly talented botanist, and they both share a huge passion and love for the wilderness and the ecosystem that makes up the beauty of the desert. When they asked to do their engagement shoot in Joshua Tree, we were so excited! The desert is one of our favorite spots. I could go there every weekend. Seriously. The light is always perfect Рthe colors, the tones and the ruggedly beautiful landscape.

These two are really the most tender and rare souls. They exude a special kind of joy and energy that is completely contagious, they draw you in and love you so honestly and so warmly. I don’t think i’ve met any two people that are such a perfect fit together as Jackie and Dave. They were made for each other in every sense, and I am so grateful for the honor of capturing the beauty that drew them to each other. I hope these images can give you even the smallest glimpse of their sweet love and wrap you in their warmth.

Jackie and Dave, we never want to let you go. I hope we’ll be friends for a long time coming.

We will love you always.

Jackie&Dave-6Jackie&Dave-3Jackie&Dave-4Jackie&Dave-7jackie&dave1Jackie&Dave-13Jackie&Dave-16Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot jackie&dave2 Jackie&Dave-22 Jackie&Dave-24 Jackie&Dave-32Joshua Tree Engagement Shootjackie&dave3Jackie&Dave-38 Jackie&Dave-31Jackie&Dave-48jackie&dave4Joshua Tree Engagement ShootJackie&Dave-34Joshua Tree Engagement ShootJackie&Dave-50 jackie&dave5Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot Jackie&Dave-55 jackie&dave6 Jackie&Dave-62Jackie&Dave-69 Jackie&Dave-61jackie&dave7Jackie&Dave-65Jackie&Dave-68Joshua Tree Engagement Shootjackie&dave8 Jackie&Dave-84 Jackie&Dave-90Jackie&Dave-119 Joshua Tree Engagement ShootJoshua Tree Engagement ShootJackie&Dave-97Jackie&Dave-103Jackie&Dave-100Joshua Tree Engagement ShootJackie&Dave-86Jackie&Dave-98jackie&dave9Jackie&Dave-114jackie&dave10 Jackie&Dave-127jackie&dave11Jackie&Dave-130 Jackie&Dave-137Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot Jackie&Dave-143Jackie&Dave-145Jackie&Dave-140jackie&dave12 Jackie&Dave-147 Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot Jackie&Dave-154jackie&dave13Jackie&Dave-156Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot


  1. Debra says:

    Hey, kiellr job on that one you guys!

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