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Welcome to our blog. This is a journal where we share our work, we're so grateful for each of our couples. Stay a while and enjoy!

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May 30, 2018

Wedding Photography Packaging Make & Stow Stamptitude

Anyone that has ever had a conversation with us about film will know how passionate we are about it’s timeless beauty and why we choose to capture our couple’s most treasured memories in this medium. When we first started shooting film, it changed the way we saw everything. It slows us down, to appreciate light and color like we haven’t before. Film is imperfectly perfect, it screams authenticity and that is so captivating. There is a romance about film that can’t be described. Shooting film requires you to search and look for a moment, and experience that moment while capturing it. It keeps you in the present, and the beautiful resulting images are meant to be printed for the future.

The Emotional Experience

I feel like in such a social media filled era, there is definitely a certain nostalgia for the physical. You can’t compare an image on a screen to a printed image. There’s something about seeing it on paper, having something physical in your hands, being able to touch it. Your wedding day is the most sacred, most beautiful, most indescribably unreal experience you will ever know, and we want you to experience that again every time you pour over your photos. Seeing an image come to print is seeing a finished piece of art, and it’s magic for me. Photographs are meant to be experienced, and I adore getting our couple’s images printed, lovingly wrapping them in linen and laying out their memories in an album, because I know that it is going to be treasured and brought out at family gatherings. When you purchase an album or an heirloom box filled with prints, you are buying the experience that your children, and grandchildren will have your memories. Some of the only items we have of my great grandparents are wedding prints, and i’m sure it is the case with your families. They’re one of the only items that will stand the test of time and will always be kept, because they’re a historical record that your love story happened. When you are viewing your photos on your computer, it all just becomes an image – and you miss the experience, the emotion and the story of the image. Touching and feeling physical photos is such a powerful experience and emotionally connects you to your memories.

Wedding Photography Packaging Make & Stow Stamptitude Silk & Willow

Expertise and Eye

The wedding experience we seek to give you doesn’t simply end when your photos are delivered. As part of your wedding experience, we strive to deliver you a tangible product that is of the same quality and aesthetic as your wedding photos, as a continuation of your wedding day and memories. A timeless wedding album also isn’t just an assortment of images from your wedding day. It is a carefully curated selection of photos that tell a story – your story. When we capture your wedding in film, we are extremely intentional in the images we capture on your wedding day. We’re actually already going through your album in our heads to ensure that the images we capture can tell the best version of your love story in print. As your photographer, once we sit down to craft your album, we know your images back to front, and we have the artistic eye to know which images to pair up and which of your photos will best represent the emotion and events of your wedding day from start to finish. This storytelling can’t be achieved in the same way when you’re viewing all of your images in a folder on the computer.

Wedding Photography Packaging Make & Stow Stamptitude Silk & Willow

Everlasting Memories

Simply put – you want to have your wedding photos in a form that will always be useable and viewable. Technology is constantly changing and evolving. A couple of years ago, wedding images were being delivered on cd’s and floppy disks, and so much current technology no longer supports those mediums. The method in which your digitally scanned wedding photos will be delivered might not always exist in the future, so having a tangible product from your wedding day is a wise investment for your memories. Albums and Heirloom boxes stand the test of time and are not subject to changes in technology, they are always crafted from archival paper and long-lasting inks, designed to last forever and ensure you have a beautiful heirloom to hand down to your families.

Wedding Photography Packaging Make & Stow Stamptitude Silk & Willow

So grateful for these talented people that give life to our tangible goods!

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