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Hello darlings

Grand Canyon: Arizona

May 8, 2013

Arizona was just as amazing as people say it is. You hear about the Grand Canyon, or see it in movies, and it just seems surreal. Well guys, it’s real!
We spent the night in a very full, very sketchy camping ground and made a quick getaway in the morning for the Canyon! On our way we made a quick detour to Antelope Canyon – and it was incredibly worth it. Antelope Canyon has been on my bucket list for years, and it was so exciting to walk where others have walked and see the splendor of God’s work of art. Not gonna lie, it was spectacular!

Next stop. Grand Canyon. Now i don’t know how many canyons one normally does in a day, but I know for sure we were on a roll.

The Grand Canyon is something else. Unlike all the rocky, dusty canyons we’d just been to, the Grand Canyon is aLOT greener and aLOT deeper. It is quite something to stand at the edge of a Canyon and look in. To teeter on the edge of a piece of history that has been marveled at for years gone and years to come.

And i have a confession. We may or may not have had Pancakes for breakfast. Lunch. And Tea.

You know you want to try it.


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