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Welcome to our blog. This is a journal where we share our work, we're so grateful for each of our couples. Stay a while and enjoy!

Hello darlings

The Burrow

May 22, 2013


Well folks, we did it.

3650 miles, 13 days and perhaps a maximum of 4 showers later, we made it to San Diego.

We are SO excited to be here. To settle down ( for a while at least! ) To make some new friends. And most of all, to embrace life and love in all its fullness and make our first year of marriage one that is honoring to the Lord and on the mark with His dreams for us!

We are also excited to show you round our new digs! The Lord has blessed us with a home that suits us ridiculously. We had seen it online back in January while we were still in New Zealand. Knowing it would be off the market by the time we got there a few months later, we tried our best to forget about it and busied ourselves with life and getting ready to move to the other side of the world! I will admit, i snuck back to take a peek at it at some point during that time, but it was no longer online. Bummer.

Annnyways.. We packed up our lives and flew on a wonderfully long and sleep depriving flight to California. We had planned to spend a week in San Diego before heading over to NC, to find a place to live.

Long story short. House hunting is aweful. We saw NOTHING we liked. Zilch. Zero. Naught.

Perhaps we were being picky, perhaps we were a complicated order, either way, i like to think that God had it sussed and put in His two cents worth when we were browsing the house market, cause He TOTALLY KNEW WHAT WAS COMING.

One afternoon we were driving around San Diego, with no success, and Andrew said ‘Hey! Lets go find that loft we liked!’

Um. Cause that’s totally possible with no address in a foreign city? We basically knew what the place looked like and knew it had a view. We’re talking a molecule in a haystack kinda scenario.. But it was worth a try right?! So we did. We drove up and down and back and around every imaginable street with a view for who knows how long. We were about to give up when Andrew yells ‘THERE IT IS!!!!!!!’

No freaking way. There it was. Just as awesome as ever. We skipped down the sidewalk with joy. But i mean who are we kidding guys, this place was totally taken… Right?

We peaked through windows and to our delight it was utterly bare!

Desperate to find out, we knocked on the neighbors door and got the landlord’s number. We rung once. We rung twice. But nothing. Oh well.

As we were walking back up the steps, a man was walking back down. Guess who?

After talking to the Landlord for a moment (and finding out it WAS empty) we arranged to meet the next day to check it out for real.

It was perfect. Small. Tall. And cool as all get out! Butttt.. there was an issue. Turns out during the building process he had made the mistake of building the two apartments under one name. Which meant technically it was ‘one house’ and between the two they could only have one ‘kitchen’ – which the other apartment behind already had.

I know what you’re thinking. NO KITCHEN?! WHAT’S A WIFE TO DO WITHOUT AN OVEN? My thoughts exactly. He told us he would know by early March if he could keep the kitchen, and if so, we’d be first in line to take the place! YEAH!

Oh gosh. We left that afternoon with a mumble jumble of thoughts running through our minds.

We headed back to Raleigh. And waited.

March 10th rolled around. March 15th. And March 25th. Then we got the call. The kitchen was there to stay! But someone was ahead of us to have the place if they wanted it. Discouraged yet ever hopeful we continued to pray and pray and pray!

We packed up our bags yet again to drive all the way out to San Diego without a place to stay once we arrived. With adventuresome spirits and a lot of blind Faith we took off.

Day two of our roadtrip out here we got an email from Alex. Holding our breath we opened it. THE PLACE WAS OURS!

There may or may not have been a happy dance or two, followed by the most solid sleep i’ve had in weeks.

And here we are! If you’re ever in the neighborhood please PLEASE drop in for a cuppa! What’s more, if we really like you, i will tell you right now that we have a trailer full of sleeping bags and we’re awfully fond of building forts in our living room…

WE LOVE YOU GUYS. Welcome to the Burrow!


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  1. Carla Weeks says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing. I’m wondering if it’s OK to copy some of the text in my site?

  2. Anjali Kay says:

    Oh my goodness! This looks like the most amazing place ever!!

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